VRF HVAC Systems Services

Serving Laramie and Carbon County, WY

VRF is the future of HVAC and Snowy Range Heating and Air Conditioning is on the cutting edge of it. These systems are the most efficient heating and cooling systems on the Market. While providing perfect comfort levels for every occupant of your building. These are a zoned system so every office gets its own thermostat so everybody is comfortable. The heat recovery systems utilize the heat absorbed by areas that are cooling and utilizes it in other areas that need heat. For example: If you had two fan coils in a server room cooling it (absorbing heat) that heat could be used by the system to heat a few offices that are calling for heat.

Snowy Range Heating and Air Conditioning Has experience installing Mitsubishi VRF (4) and Daiken VRV (2) Systems as well as repair services and maintenance on LG, Toshiba, and Samsung systems as well. We are trying to stay up to date on all of the new VRF systems by taking service classes and acquiring software and service tools. Snowy Range Heating and Air Conditioning Provides Repair services and installation for VRF systems. Call Today to find out more.