We serve Laramie and all of Albany County including Rock River, and Centennial.
We also serve all of Carbon County including Rawlins, Saratoga, and Encampment.

Choose a Community-Oriented HVAC Company

Choose a Community-Oriented HVAC Company

We offer our services throughout the Laramie, WY area

Whether you're shivering in Rawlins or overheating in Laramie, you can count on us to make it better. Snowy Range Heating and Air Conditioning serves Laramie, WY and all the surrounding areas. We also offer our services in parts of northern Colorado, such as Fort Collins, CO.

Distance isn't a problem for us. Our team is ready to drive to wherever you need us in the southern Wyoming region. You can count on us to arrive promptly and get the job done efficiently.

Trust us for services in the areas we serve surrounding Laramie, WY.

Discover the different jobs we can do for you

Our services cover a broad range of residential and commercial HVAC services. You'll be glad you chose us. Our HVAC company is ready to:

  • Perform maintenance at your restaurant
  • Troubleshoot HVAC issues at your industrial facility
  • Take care of a residential changeout
  • Handle your office changeout

Browse our website to learn more about the variety of HVAC services we provide in the Laramie, WY area.