Bryant Heating Equipment

Whether you are planning to upgrade your existing Heating system, or are looking for a more efficient system for your home Snowy Range Heating and Air Conditioning offers a full line of energy efficient Heating products from high efficient heat pumps and furnaces, to modulating boilers. We have the expertise to design and install a system to meet your comfort needs as well as your budget.

Our Free in home comfort consultations are done using manual J load calculations. We accurately enter the relevant information about the home such as insulation levels, type of windows, heat loss & gain, home orientation, and prevailing wind direction. The output of the calculation is how much cooling & heating the house needs at peak demand. This helps us determine the right size of equipment and also what type of equipment is going to give you the most comfort and energy savings. We calculate an estimated return on investment so you can make an educated decision on what system is best for your home. We also listen to your needs and wants in a home comfort system, tell us what you are looking for, we are listening. We don't have a one size fits all approach every house is different as is every customer.


The most important thing to consider even over equipment choice is installation. It does not matter how efficient or what the performance of your equipment is supposed to be. If the equipment is not sized and installed properly for the space that it is serving and have adequate airflow through the duct distribution system. You will not save any energy and you will have a low comfort level in your home. Also resulting in probable repair bills and decreased life of your heating and cooling equipment. The owner has been servicing and installing HVACR equipment since 2006, so you can trust the experts at Snowy Range Heating and Air Conditioning to properly size and install your new heating and cooling system.

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High Efficient Gas Furnaces

The modern high efficiency condensing gas Furnaces of today offer incredible efficiency, improved safety, and better comfort than traditional gas furnaces. If installed, set up, and maintained properly they can provide years of reliable comfort to your home.


  • Full line of Gas Furnaces from 80% to 98.3% efficiency
  • Can be paired with a 13 or up to 20.5 SEER air conditioner
  • 10 year parts Warranty
  • 20 year heat exchanger Warranty

Traditional Heat Pumps

Traditional heat pumps are not very typical in Southeast Wyoming, but with the new technology they should be. They offer heating and cooling with one piece of equipment. They are traditionally set up with auxiliary electric heat strips as a second stage of heat for when the heat pump loses efficiency and capacity at lower ambient temperatures. While heat pumps are very energy efficient electric strip heat is not. With new technology and higher HSPF and SEER ratings the new high efficiency heat pumps can deliver increased capacity in low ambient conditions decreasing use of electric strip heat to only the coldest days of the year. With rising propane costs High efficient heat pumps are a great alternative for replacing propane furnaces. Let Snowy Range Heating and Air Conditioning show you how a high efficient heat pump can save you money in energy costs today.


  • Traditional heat pump 20.5 SEER and a HSPF of 13
  • Full line of heat pumps from single stage to variable speed